Artist Statement


My practice was based in Berlin until 2002. In 2001 I was awarded, through international competition, the opportunity to collaborate with Glasgow architect Gerry Henaughan of Hypostyle on a major commission for the Gorbals, Glasgow. I enjoyed working in Scotland enormously and in 2002 decided to relocate here, and I have recently completed my new studio close to Dumfries.

As an Artist working mainly with the materials that surround me I have been inspired to use different media in Scotland and have become very interested in the new potential meanings created when ‘natural’ are contrasted with precision engineering and mechanical movement.

This new work takes my practice into different realms, creating objects by reduction rather than construction, and by mapping their histories / potential. This mapping provides an information element to the work, where the solid ‘sculpture’ is set within site, time based context and meaning. My intention is that this mapping is as much part of the form of the sculpture as the solid material itself.

David Ralston  
Dumfries, 2010